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SLP Continuing Education Requirements in New York

CEUs are hours of instruction that can be obtained by finishing various “professional development” programs. They could also be called continuing education hours or maintenance hours for certificates.

In a broad sense, CEUs are obtained by successfully completing courses that teach students about subjects related to speech-language pathology. These could be conferences, webinars, podcasts, or videos. Some of these courses are only an hour long and focus on a single topic, while others are longer and cover more ground.

Approved Providers for CEUs

Courses relevant to the scope of practice are available from the following providers:
● American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
● New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NYSSLHA)

Continuing Education Requirements in New York

Speech-Language Pathology License
During each three-year registration cycle, each licensed speech-language pathologist and audiologist must complete 30 hours of continuing competency learning activities. At least 20 of these 30 hours must be completed in a “professional” area, with the remainder in a “related area.”

Dual License In Speech-Language Pathology And Audiology
Individuals who are licensed as both speech-language pathologists and audiologists may satisfy the continuing competency requirement by accumulating 20 “professional” hours in each discipline and an additional 10 hours in a “related” area. The “professional” hours cannot be applied to both professions, but the “related” hours can.

Continuing Education Audit System in New York

Each month, the Department selects a random sample of license renewals for auditing. If the licensee is chosen for an audit, they will be notified when their renewal notice arrives. Following that, the licensee will be required to submit copies of certificates, transcripts, or other documentation to verify attendance, participation, and completion of continuing education requirements. Licenses will not be renewed unless and until continuing education requirements are met.

Rollover Hours

Continuing competency hours are not transferable from one registration period to the next.

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A Networking Platform for Speech Language Pathologists


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Networking Platform for Speech Language Pathologists

Networking Platform for Speech Language Pathologists

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