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California State University – Fullerton MS-SLP Program Requirements

Master of Arts in Communicative Disorders

Fullerton, CA

Master’s Degree

US $28,606

4 semesters

About the California State University – Fullerton MS-SLP Program

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Council on Academic Accreditation has granted accreditation to the Master of Arts in Communicative Disorders (speech-language pathology and audiology) since 1969. It is designed to:

  • Offer students with graduate, professional level studies that covers a wide range of communication disorders.
  • Give students the chance to work with clients who are communicatively challenged in a variety of clinical settings, both on and off campus.
  • Teach students how to evaluate, diagnose, create treatment plans, and act as therapists for particular groups and types of communicatively impaired people.

Admission Requirements For The California State University – Fullerton MS-SLP Program

When screening applications, the Graduate Committee takes the following factors into account:

  1. A background in communication sciences and disorders and/or coursework (CSD). A bachelor’s degree in CSD (also known as audiology and speech-language pathology or speech and hearing sciences) is a prerequisite for admission to the master’s degree program. Students having backgrounds in other academic disciplines must complete 36 units of undergraduate preparation (or 12 CSD prerequisites, including the 9 comparable courses), as well as one 3-unit stand-alone statistics course (a full introduction session).
  2. The minimal criteria for application is a GPA of 3.0 or higher, however successful candidates often have a GPA in the CSD major that is above 3.7.
  3. A copy of official transcripts from all college-level institutions which the applicant has
  4. A letter of intent, personal statement, or essay from the applicant outlining their academic background, professional interests, future career goals, clinical and extracurricular experience, aptitude for working with a population that is linguistically and culturally diverse, and their objectives for pursuing an M.A. in CSD at CSUF.
  5. Three letters of recommendation from individuals who are knowledgeable with the applicant’s academic prowess, clinical or field experience, and/or work ethics. Three letters are required, two from CSD academics or instructors and one from a supervisor (ideally in the area of speech-language pathology).
  6. International students’ TOEFL scores must be at least 550

Important Notes

  • It is advisable to provide materials in advance (about 4-6 weeks before the deadline) to give the applicant time to make sure the materials were received and, if required, to make corrections.
  • The application will be deemed “incomplete” and not examined if any information is missing or any of the requirements of items #1 through #5 and/or #6 (if applicable) are not completed.
  • GRE score is NOT required.

Conditional Admit

The conditional admission of the candidate whose B.A./B.S. degree in CSD has not been confirmed by the first day of the fall semester or who has not successfully completed 12 CSD prerequisites (including the 9 equivalent courses) and one statistics course will be cancelled.

Students who hold a B.A. or B.S. in a field other than CSD must have finished 12 requirements for CSD by the time of admission, which correspond to the equivalent of the following NINE courses.

● COMD 241 Introduction to Phonetics (3)
● COMD 242 Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders (3)
● COMD 307 Speech & Language Development (3)
● COMD 344 Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing Mechanism
● COMD 350 Speech & Hearing Science (3)
● COMD 352 Child Language & Phonological Disorders (3)
● COMD 461 Audiology & Audiometry (3)
● COMD 474 Neurology & Neurogenic Communication Sciences and Disorders (3)
● COMD 476 Clinical Methods and Procedures (3)

Most courses done in ASHA-accredited programs will be recognized. After being admitted to the M.A. program, students from other universities are usually required to take one or two non-equivalent classes. Applications with deficits of more than two courses won’t be taken into consideration.

A Networking Platform for Speech Language Pathologists


Networking Platform for Speech Language Pathologists

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