A Networking Platform for Speech Language Pathologists

Anyone with an internet connection or a device to download them onto can access podcasts anytime and anywhere. This makes it easy to fit learning into your schedule, even if you have a busy schedule.

Speech therapy podcasts cover a wide range of topics related to speech, language, and communication disorders. This allows you to choose the topics that are most relevant to your interests or needs. Experts in the field host many speech therapy podcasts, such as speech-language pathologists or researchers. This allows you to gain insights and learn from professionals who have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

The Best Speech Therapy Podcasts

Swallow Your Pride Podcast – Theresa Richard

The Swallow Your Pride Podcast was created to delve deeper into the issues that speech-language pathologists face when working with patients who have swallowing disorders. They discuss a wide range of contentious issues in order to provide the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment strategies and to build a community of dysphagia clinicians who want to gain incredibly valuable insight and information.

Speechie Side Up

Have you ever wondered how other SLPs seem to do it all so effortlessly? On the Speechie Side Up podcast, you’ll get to hear firsthand how SLPs get things done while adhering to evidence-based practice and self-care. This podcast gives you an inside look at other professionals’ therapy rooms and research labs.

Conversations in Speech Pathology

Conversations in Speech Pathology (CSP) is a podcast about issues in speech pathology clinical practise. The goal is for the show to be both thought-provoking and entertaining. Autism, AAC, and Speech Sound Disorders are the primary areas of interest (SSD)

SLP Nerdcast

SLP Nerdcast provides ASHA CEUs via online learning. We talk about clinical issues and best practises for speech and language pathologists.

Talking With Tech

Join AAC experts Rachel Madel and Chris Bugaj for a weekly discussion about everything AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). They provide practical resources, clinical guidelines, and relevant research in each episode to assist clinicians in better utilising technology for individuals with complex communication needs.

SLP Coffee Talk

A speech and language podcast to motivate and inspire school-based speech and language pathologists. Just the tips, strategies, and low prep therapy ideas you need to enter your therapy room with confidence and plan with ease.

Let’s Taco Bout Speech

Join Claire Barbao and Rachael Hendzell, speech-language pathologists, on the ‘Let’s Taco Bout Speech’ Podcast as they aim to support both SLPs and parents. Weekly episodes are dedicated to improving therapy sessions, teaching parents how to cultivate language-rich activities at home, and interviewing experts in the field about their experiences.

ASHA Voices

A documentary about how we communicate and how that communication affects our lives.


StutterTalk is a charitable organisation. Since 2007, they’ve released over 600 episodes featuring stutterers, researchers, speech-language pathologists, self-help leaders, family members, famous stutterers, and others. StutterTalk can be heard in over 170 countries.

Xceptional Leaders with Mai Ling Chan & James Berges

Learn about high-profile topics from disability-focused leaders and how they are truly making a difference. Mai Ling and James put you in the middle of intimate conversations that are shaping how the world supports people with disabilities. They share their personal experiences so that you can begin, grow, and expand your impact.

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A Networking Platform for Speech Language Pathologists


Networking Platform for Speech Language Pathologists

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