University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill MS-SLP Program Requirements

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill MS-SLP Program Requirements

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Chapel Hill, NC

Master’s Degree

US$ 57,688 (2022)

4 semesters

About the University of North Carolina MS-SLP Program

Students can complete the criteria for ASHA Certification in Speech-Language Pathology while obtaining a Master of Science in Speech & Hearing Sciences. Students can petition the program coordinator to earn a Master of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences without the clinical requirements if they are not interested in becoming certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) as a speech-language pathologist. Additional research expertise is necessary for this choice.

Clinical Track
A 60-semester-hour program, the clinical track combines a thorough education with clinical experiences. Graduates of the program will be qualified for both ASHA certification and North Carolina state licensure. The program is recognized by the Council on Academic Accreditation Speech-Language Pathology.

Non-Clinical Track
The non-clinical route is intended for students who do not want to pursue certification by the ASHA. The non-clinical course frequently piques the attention of international students from nations that do not demand or even acknowledge accreditation by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. This program of study is also open to those who want to pursue careers in academia or industry.

Program Pre-requisites

Standard IV-A: The candidate must have shown proficiency in the social and behavioural sciences, statistics, and the biological and physical sciences.

● Biological Sciences (a minimum of two credit hours required.) Most courses are three credits.  Biology, human anatomy and physiology, human genetics, and veterinary science are some examples of required coursework.

● Physical Sciences (a minimum of two credit hours required.) Most courses are three credits . Physics or chemistry are two examples of required coursework.

● Behavioral and Social Sciences (a minimum of two credit hours required) Most courses are 3 credits. Psychology, sociology, anthropology, and public health are some examples of required course work.

● Statistics
Introduction to statistics and the statistical foundations of psychology research are two examples of required coursework.

Standard IV-B: The candidate must exhibit a basic understanding of human communication and swallowing mechanisms, as well as the relevant biological, neurological, auditory, psychological, developmental, linguistic, and cultural underpinnings.

● Biological and Neurological Bases:
● Acoustic Bases:
● Psychological/Developmental Bases:
● Linguistic/Cultural Bases:

Admission Requirements For The University of North Carolina MS-SLP Program

  1. The Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service (CSDCAS) is the admissions system used by our program. The CSDCAS application service makes it easier to apply to programs in communication sciences and disorders and speech-language pathology. The CSDCAS will calculate your GPA, check your application for accuracy, and send your application to as many communication science programs as you specify that use this service.
  2. Transcripts must be sent from EVERY university where you have taken coursework (even if only one course was taken there).
    Your university transcript MUST include grades for each subject you have taken.
  3. Pick three people who can best speak to your academic or professional potential to write your letters of recommendation. It’s crucial to choose at least two academic references who are knowledgeable about you and can discuss your distinctive personal traits in detail.
  4. On the CSDCAS application, you must respond to 5 essay questions. Each response should not exceed 300 words (2000 characters).
  5. The GRE will not be required for the forthcoming admission cycle for our graduate program.
  6. A four-year bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent from a recognized institution must be earned before beginning graduate studies.
  7. All applicants from abroad must submit acceptable, official TOEFL results (reported directly from ETS). Other English language tests are not accepted by us.
    The minimum required overall score for passing the exams is:
    The paper-based TOEFL exam = 590
    The internet-based TOEFL exam = 100 with a minimum speaking score of 24

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